ITS-ITE University of Maryland Student Chapter

Official class descriptions from the univeristy schedule of classes.

ENCE670: Highway Traffic Characteristics and Measurements

The study of the fundamental traits and behavior patterns of road users and their vehicles in traffic. The basic characteristics of the pedestrian, the driver, the vehicle, traffic volume and speed, stream flow and intersection operation, parking, and accidents.

ENCE672: Regional Transportation Planning

Factors involved and the components of the process for planning statewide and regional transportation systems, encompassing all modes. Transportation planning studies, statewide traffic models, investment models, programming and scheduling.

ENCE675: Airport Planning and Design

The planning and design of airports including site selection, runway configuration, geometric and structural design of the landing area, and terminal facilities. Methods of financing airports, estimates of aeronautical demand, air traffic control, and airport lighting are also studied.

ENCE677: OR Models for Transportation Systems Analysis

Fundamental skills and concepts of the quantitative techniques of operations research including: mathematical modeling, linear programming, integer programming, network optimization (shortest paths, minimum spanning trees, minimum cost network flows, maximum flows), heuristics, and basics of probabilistic modeling. Emphasis on the application of these techniques to problems arising in transportation.

ENCE688I: Advanced Topics in Civil Engineering; Discrete Choice Analysis

Methods and statistics of model estimation; maximum-likelihood estimation; individual choice theory; binary choice models; multi-dimensional choice models; sampling theory and sample design; aggregate prediction with choice models; joint stated preference and revealed preference modeling, and longitudinal choice analysis; review of state-of-the-art and future directions.

ENCE688F: Advanced Topics in Civil Engineering; Highway Safety Fundamentals

ENCE688M: Advanced Topics in Civil Engineering; Intelligent Transportation Systems

ENCE688W: Advanced Topics in Civil Engineering; Emergency Management in Transportation